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The purpose of Microsoft WiFi Direct Virtual Adapter on your computer is to support the sharing of internet connection on your computer with other devices (Hotspot). Disabling this feature is known to fix the problem of Windows 10 not connecting to WiFi Automatically on older computers that do not support the Hotspot feature. [SOLVED] Laptop on Direct access stuck on 'Connecting May 12, 2017 c# - WiFi Direct in Windows 10 says "UnsupportedHardware Wi-Fi Direct Device : Supported Wi-Fi Direct GO : Supported Wi-Fi Direct Client : Supported But when I run the mentioned sample, everything goes OK until the WiFiDirectServiceWrapper.OnAdvertisementStatusChanged(. . .) is triggered, almost inmediatly after creating the advertiser. [SOLVED] Disable WIFI selection through AD GPO - Spiceworks

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Solved: "Wi-Fi Direct Clients Policy" Modes - Cisco Community Nov 19, 2013

WiFi Direct is built upon the same WiFi technology used by most modern consumer electronic devices to communicate with wireless routers. It allows two devices to communicate with each other, provided that at least one of them is compliant with the standard to establish a peer-to-peer connection.

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