In extreme circumstances, you can complete missions 46-50 and have the 45th still locked. Quiet available as a buddy. Just to remind you, to recruit Quiet, you have to abduct her at the end of mission 11 (Cloaked in Silence) and wait until you unlock side op 111 (Visit Quiet) and visit her on the medical platform of the Mother Base.

cloaked in silence on Tumblr Play. #MGSV TPP #Quiet #Cloaked in silence #Sniper #Melee #Non fire-arm #S-rank #Extreme #GG #Glitch #Cheese #Did it. 32 notes Mission 40: [Extreme] Cloaked In Silence - Metal Gear - This is a replay of Mission 11, bu[Subsistence] a much harder version of it. Quiet is faster and more powerful. The supply drop trick won't work this time either. - The first thing you should do is mark Quiet by pulling out your Int-Scope and locate her (look from where the gunfire is coming from). [Definitive Edition PS4 1.06] 100% Speedrun *WORK IN

MGSV TPP | Cloaked In Silence (Mission 11) | Objective 3-4

Cloaked in Silence Walkthrough | MGSV: The Phantom Pain Nov 25, 2015

Quiet, known to the Soviet forces as Tixij (Russian: Тихий, "Quiet"), was a female assassin during the 1980s. Originally an assassin for XOF, Quiet later defected to Diamond Dogs after being defeated by Venom Snake. Quiet wore a minimal amount of clothing at all times because she could only drink or breathe through her skin following parasite-treatment due to the serious injuries she had

EPISODE 40 [EXTREME] CLOAKED IN SILENCE Mission Task I: Eliminate Quiet. Mission Task II: Determine what to do with Quiet. Mission Task III: Neutralize Quiet without hitting her with lethal weapons. Mission Task IV: Neutralize Quiet with non-firearm attacks. EPISODE 41 PROXY WAR WITHOUT END Mission Task I: Eliminate the gunship.