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We’re extremely social creatures; people have been sharing what they do since the dawn of time. There’s nothing new in that. What’s insidious about social media is that for the first time in history we’ve lost control over who our personal lives a Jul 12, 2016 · Social media privacy cases simply apply that long-standing “reasonable expectation of privacy” principle to Internet situations. Looking at the way Facebook and other social media sites work, most courts have concluded that once something is voluntarily posted on Facebook, it no longer carries a reasonable expectation of privacy. As the leading social media platform globally, Facebook was founded by Mark Zuckerberg at Harvard University in 2004. The initial idea of Facebook was to create a student directory containing Paris Martineau is a staff writer at WIRED, where she covers platforms, online influence, and social media manipulation. Before WIRED, she was a staff writer at The Outline and wrote about the With internet privacy policies that are available on most sites, there are plenty of ways for people to simply tune out the negative influences that are bothering them. On social networking sites, for example, people can be unfollowed and not necessarily even realize it. Certain news items can be blocked. Social media and online privacy. RSS feed. There are many online platforms or applications that involve the sharing of large amounts of personal information. You can

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In privacy law there is a right to be forgotten, however this right is becoming increasingly difficult to assert in the age of social media. Rights such as freedom of speech and freedom of the press commonly override privacy rights.

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