Purchase history is the central place to manage your orders. Simply select the More actions dropdown menu next to one of your purchases to see a list of options, including Contact seller and Return this item.. Go to your purchase history How to delete items in your purchase history

eBay is an easy site to navigate. At the top of all your My eBay pages, you can click one of these tabs to access some of the most important information about your eBay account: Activity: Click here to view handy summaries of your eBay buying and selling activities. Messages: The Messages tab is where […] Google made me an eBay account without my permission It pops up frequently when I'm on my laptop and I received an email the other day saying Google made me an eBay account using my Gmail simply because I clicked into an eBay product through Chrome on my phone. No it's not spam, I've contacted eBay. Details. account_security, Android, Gmail. Resolution Center - eBay We always encourage our members to communicate with each other when there's a problem with a transaction. The first step is to contact the member through … Signs Your eBay Account Has Been Stolen Nov 20, 2019

How to Permanently Delete Your eBay Account

Sign in or Register | eBay We will regularly send you emails with offers regarding our services. You can unsubscribe from receiving these marketing emails at any time, free of charge, via My eBay or the link in the emails. How to Permanently Delete Your eBay Account Jan 06, 2019

PayPal is the method eBay promotes as “safe and efficient” for processing online transactions. eBay has made it easy to link an existing PayPal account, either personal or business, to their platform. If you have an existing account, eBay will simply ask for your PayPal credentials and will verify your account …

How to Permanently Delete Your eBay Account Jan 06, 2019