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Jan 13, 2017 · By deleting the google chrome history from the settings, we can protect the privacy of our chrome browsing. But even after you deleted the google chrome browsing history, there is a way to recover it.

5 Ways to Recover Deleted History from Your Browser - wikiHow Mar 04, 2020 4 Reliable Ways How You Can Recover Deleted Internet History If the Internet history was deleted fairly recently, you can simply use the System Restore tool to get the deleted history back. Here’s what you have to do: Click on ‘Start’ and go to ‘Programs’. In the ‘Programs’ menu, click on ‘Accessories’ and then go to ‘System Tools’. Clean Router How To Recover Deleted Browsing History Choose a restore point (a date and time), and click through any prompts. After the computer is done, reboot and check your browser history again. Anything that has been deleted since the date and time of your restore point will be there, and you’ll know if you need to be worried. How to Find and Delete Your Search History