May 17, 2019

Disable or enable Restricted Mode - Computer - YouTube Help If you’re a parent using the Family Link app, you can go into the app’s settings and turn Restricted Mode on for your child's account. If you’ve enabled Restricted Mode via Family Link for their account, the Restricted Mode setting can’t be changed by your child on any of your child’s signed-in devices. More info on Restricted Mode How to Change Google Account Age (Avoid Age Restriction on Jul 24, 2020 How to Remove Age Restriction on YouTube App Done! Now you should be able to view age restricted videos. Want to grow your YouTube channel? Click here and get more YouTube subscribers NOW! I hope this guide was helpful and you were able to remove age restriction on YouTube App. Leave a comment below if …

Turn Restricted Mode on or off. Click your profile picture . Click Restricted Mode. In the dialog box that appears, toggle Restricted Mode to on or off.

How to Block YouTube With Screen Time on iPhone and iPad Mar 19, 2019

How To Turn Off Age Restriction On YouTube | Technobezz Jun 13, 2018 How to Block YouTube With Screen Time on iPhone and iPad Mar 19, 2019 Age-restricted content - YouTube Help In these cases, our review team will place an age restriction on the video, or remove the thumbnail, when we're notified of the content. Age-restricted videos are not visible to users who are logged out, are under 18 years of age, or have Restricted Mode enabled. How to Bypass Youtube Age Restrictions - 5 Ways