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Configuring this device is the easiest OpenVPN setup that I have ever done. You are able to drag & drop the configuration files into the router - the trick which is not well explained is to put the certificate (crt file) and the opvn files in a zip file and drag & drop that into router via the web based setup. Best Site-to-Site VPN appliance. - Firewalls - Spiceworks May 16, 2018 VPN — OpenVPN | pfSense Documentation OpenVPN¶. OpenVPN is an Open Source VPN server and client that is supported on a variety of platforms, including pfSense® software. It can be used for Site-to-Site or Remote Access VPN configurations. OpenVPN can work with shared keys or with a PKI setup for SSL/TLS.

OpenVPN based Site-to-Site VPN between Azure and pfSense

1) I have a Windows Server 2008 Standard SP2 2) I am running Hyper-V and have the OpenVPN Appliance Server virtual running 3) I have configured it as it said, only issue was that the legacy network adapter does not have a setting the instructions mention "Enable spoofing of MAC Addresses". My understand is that before R2, this was on by default.

In rare cases the OpenVPN Access Server appliance is deployed on a network where there is no DHCP server to automatically assign the Access Server an IP address. This is a problem that can be resolved by setting a static IP address manually. This is a step we describe a little further down on this page – please continue following the steps.

How to define DNS server in openvpn? - Unix & Linux Stack I setup an openvpn server with static key (certificate mode is not usable due to DPI at the national gateway), but I cannot successfully change the DNS automatically after the connection. I searched over the Internet and SE, and every one suggests the use dhcp-option. I tried to add this line to client.ovpn. dhcp-option DNS There is no Setting up OpenVPN Access Server in Amazon VPC | AWS